Stress during the Covid-19 pandemic can really be drowning and challenging for you and might have an impact on our eating habits on a day-to-day basis. And that’s very reasonable as life has been put on hold for now and the future seems uncertain.

Don’t worry though! There are several things you can
do to stay healthy and keep off the pounds in lockdown.

  • Menu planning for three consecutive days! If you find yourself not being patient enough to plan a whole week’s meals then go for at least three! Writing down the three main meals, i.e. breakfast – lunch – dinner, for each day will keep you well organized and confident in your food choices.
  • Make a grocery list. Once you’re finished with your menu planning, you’re aware of the ingredients you’re using on them, so your weekly grocery list should be very clear. Stick on buying only what is essential to your meal prep so you can avoid entering corridors selling snacks and drinks you don’t need!
  • Have a fulfilling, nutritious breakfast before opening your laptop. While your brain is still empty and fresh, let your body enjoy a well-balanced, healthy breakfast rich in fibre, vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients. In this way, your spirit is awakened and already balanced, thus you’re more likely to stick to the program and planning you’ve already taken time to create.
  • Prepare your snacks of the day while preparing your breakfast! You only need simple, cost-effective ingredients you already have available in your fridge. Try and prepare four bowls or small plates– the first one would be a fruit-salad from 2-3 fruits, the second one would be veggie sticks, e.g. cucumber, celery, carrots, the third one would contain a handful of a mixed trail along with breadsticks and dried fruits and the forth would be slices of low-fat cheese, turkey or chicken slices and hummus. Every time it’s snack time, mix and match foods from these creating a total of a handful portion size. Simple as that!
  • Bring your water and tea or coffee on your desk! Either it’s a black plain coffee or green/ fruit teas have your cup beside you and of course, drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated is vital for staying healthy.
  • Set aside destructions. That being said it would be beneficial if you could limit your time scrolling on social media as not only it could prevent leading to boredom and thus the need to unnecessarily start snacking but also potential food temptations are being moved.
  • Remember to eat only out of real hunger, not boredom because you have nothing better to do at the time – find something preferably creative to hang on!
  • Structure your meals so you keep your blood glucose stable and get hungry less frequently. In other words, enrich your meals with good fats, animal and plant protein, high fibre sources, colourful vegetables, wholemeal carbohydrates.
  • Take care of yourself- both physically and mentally. Prioritizing self-care in the way that’s best for you will boost your self-esteem and confidence that you’re worth of taken good care of. Hence every thought you make will subconsciously lead to actions and build habits that sustain and protect your health.  
  • Stay active and fit. No matter how long it’ll be, try and find a period of time during your day you can exercise either this is yoga, aerobics, dancing or jogging or cycling for a certain amount of time in your neighbourhood.
  • Hide the treats from yourself. Of course, out of sight doesn’t always mean out of mind, so think of a way to get rid of any snacks you’d like to avoid eating by giving them away.  
  • Sort your sleep. An average of 7-9 hours of sleep every night heals and repairs your heart and blood vessels, decreasing the likelihood of heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or stroke.
  • Focus on your work and don’t think about food only because you’re at home – if you can, do not set up your home office in or near the kitchen. Ideally, it should be in a separate room near a window so it’s out of your field of view.

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