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NutriSession was created in 2019 to share with you the joy of a healthy lifestyle full of nutrition tips, up-to-date evidence-based articles and recommendations on diet-related topics and delicious, nutritious recipes. Food and health concerns every single one of us, so information & education on these should be readily available!

The philosophy behind NutriSession is that a well-balanced, colorful and tasteful diet, in combination with regular exercise is all you need to get you started for a journey to a strong heart and healthy life. Diet and healthy nourishment constitute small but multiple decisions you need to make on a daily basis, from what’s on your grocery list to changing certain dietary behaviors and build sustainable habits towards food and nutrition.

That being said, people really are able to achieve their full potential in everything they choose, however hard work, consistency and purpose are fundamental to make this happen. By setting realistic, short and long-term, goals is going to help you become not only physically, but also mentally healthy and fit as you’re fueling both your body and brain.

For these very reasons, Ioanna and NutriSession are here to help you achieve your own health goals either through tiny changes inspired from blog posts or through any online consultation and support you need. Because, in the end, everybody deserves to live a longer and better life!

Meet The Dietitian

Ioanna is a qualified Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist in Greece and in the United Kingdom. She graduated from the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics at TEI of Thessaloniki, Greece, and the postgraduate program MSc Human Nutrition at Manchester Metropolitan University.

She has worked as a dietetic intern in the Clinical Nutrition Department of the Psychiatric Hospital of Thessaloniki and as a dietitian in a General Practice Clinic where she worked on a wide range of clinical nutrition and nutritional counseling for two years before moving to England. In both countries, she has volunteered for a variety of organizations, such as national and municipal swimming pools, care homes, primary schools as well as participated in a number of projects, events and workshops on health, nutrition, diet, well-being and cooking where she widely worked within community, interacting with people from all age and social groups.

Last summer, Ioanna co-authored in collaboration with an academic team within MMU an Open Cook Book, initiating in this way a collective endeavour within university where each year students will be able to add their own tastes. The cook book was presented at the OE Global Conference 2019, held in Milan. Furthermore, she co-authored a guide booklet on fermented food and proper diet on anxiety and depression for Anxiety UK, which was published on Mental Health Day.

Ioanna is providing online nutrition and counseling services in Greece, UK and abroad and she is working in the NHS as a Mental Health dietitian providing nutrition support and weight management services for inpatients, outpatients as well as people in the community. Her ultimate goal is to provide proper nutrition education and evidence-based recommendations for more and more people in Greece and the UK so they successfully achieve and sustain their diet and health-related goals.

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If you want to lose weight, manage any health conditions, improve your digestion or simply be radiant and full of energy or fuel your workout routine,
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I will help you adopt a healthy and balanced diet based on Mediterranean ingredients and tailored on your personal needs and preferences so you can improve your energy, be healthier and more productive and feel incredible in your skin without frustration about what to eat.

All you need to do is contact me on this or any of my platforms to book an online appointment during which we discuss your goals and how you can successfully achieve them.